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About us

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We are dedicated to helping those with a passion of creating nature in the comforts of their space, providing them the best of aquatic services. Our services include aquarium setup and maintenance, aquascaping, retail of aquarium accessories and fish food, workshops, wholesale,etc. For enquiries on customised tanks and cabinets, please contact us for a free quotation.

Aquascaping Essentials



One of the most important pieces of aquascaping equipment, with crucial influence upon the health and growth of the aquascape plants.


The purpose of water filters is to remove excess food, the fish’s waste, dangerous chemicals and decaying organic matter within the aquarium.

Carbon Dioxide

The CO² systems might be slightly costly, but they are essential for the growth of plants. No plant grows without carbon dioxide, period.

Liquid fertilizers

Depending on the lighting and CO² systems.There are two types of fertilizers you can use to keep it healthy: macronutrients and micronutrients.


Plants feed not only through their leaves, they also feed through their roots, which makes a correct selection of aquascaping substrate very important.

Hardscape materials

The plants are not enough to secure the aesthetic of an aquarium. You need to add rocks, wood, gravel etc, make them look as unique as possible.